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At Fathom (and first tablet app)   Leave a comment

Hello! A few days ago I started working at Fathom, the information visualization studio run by Ben Fry. While here I will work on various data visualization projects, specially those requiring real-time, interactive graphics with OpenGL, as well as continue with my involvement with the development of the Processing language and environment. This job also encompasses an exciting collaboration with the lab of Pardis Sabeti at Harvard university, focused in the creation of new tools for visualizing epidemiological data and helping understand the factors that determine the origin and spread of various diseases. During my first week at Fathom I got started by working on an Android port of the “Stats of the Union” visualization, originally available for iPad tablets.

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Cytoscape and OPENGL2   Leave a comment

In earlier posts I talked about using Processing to create Cytoscape plugins, and also about the new OpenGL rendering engine for Processing, OPENGL2. This engine introduces several improvements over the original OPENGL renderer, and it is already available in the latest pre-release of Processing, 0194. A few days ago, I put together a simple template project for Eclipse that attempts to make writing Processing-based plugins for Cytoscape a little easier. Now I updated this template to use the OPENGL2 engine as the renderer for the plugin. Download here.

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Visualization of accounts   Leave a comment

I just created an account on 6pli, which is an application to create visual, networked representations of all the links in a account. It also allows to navigate through the links and open the pages they refer to.

This is the visualization of my links:

It was created by the artistic collective bestiario.

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