Arduino on Mandriva 2008   2 comments

I was able to run Arduino 010 on Mandriva Linux 2008. Basically, I had to install these the avr rpms from Fedora 8:


I found some problems when trying to access the USB port as a normal user, also reported here. However, the proposed solutions (changing the permissions of /dev/ttyUSB0, adding user to lock and uucp groups) didn’t work for me. So far, I’m able to access the Arduino board by running the IDE as root user. I’ll try to find a workaround for this in the near future.


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  1. There is a complete set of packages for Mandriva 2010 at the blogdrake repository.

    The packet has various dependences. Then it is better to add the repository:

    * noarch

    urpmi.addmedia –wget Bdk-noarch with media_info/

    * i586

    urpmi.addmedia –wget Bdk-i586 with media_info/

    * x86_64

    urpmi.addmedia –wget Bdk-x86_64 with media_info/

    Then, just “urpmi arduino” or use the rpmdrake gui

    Arduino is not in noarch because it uses platform specific libraries for accessing the serial port.

    The arduino packet: arduino-0017-2bdk2010.i586.rpm
    needs also the following packets (dependences will be resolved automatically if you use the urpmi or rpmdrake installer):


    When installed just execute “arduino” (or search for it at Development/IDEs). It sould run OK as an unprivileged user withoud modifying groups or permissions doe to a suid wrapper added fot this purpose)

  2. Thanks for the update! it is great to know that mandriva now has a complete set of packages for arduino!

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