Installing gsvideo on Windows   5 comments

My first post about the gsvideo library for Processing was quite sparse, but now I have some additional info on how to install it on Windows. As I do more testing on other platforms, I’ll post further instructions about the installation process on OSX and Linux.

First of all, I realized that the version of Java (1.4.2) that comes with the standard Windows package of Processing is not compatible with the gsvideo library. This is probably because I compiled it with jdk 1.5, I will try to compile it with jdk 1.4 later. But for now, you have to use the “expert” version of processing, with jre 1.5 (or 1.6) installed separately.

As for the files required for gstreamer to work, the only requirement is the gtk+ library, which you can download from here.

Then, all the components of gstreamer should install without problems. I installed the following packages:
grabbed from the gstreamer website.
For each package, you have a and a file, the contains an automated installer, which is the one I used.
I think that you also need to restart the system after installing gstreamer, since it updates the system PATH.


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5 responses to “Installing gsvideo on Windows

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  1. hi there!

    nice work on gsvideo!

    one glitch i discovered: you should mention the gtk+ installation on the new gsvideo website, just spent an hour trying to get gstreamer to run on windows. (the gstreamer installer seems to point to gimp instead of gtk+, then the gtk+ that comes with the stable gimp-2 won’t satifsy gstreamers link … endless loop).


  2. hi there,
    i am unable to install the gstreamer-0.10.13. It gives gstreamer requires newer version of Glib. i have downloaded gtk+ 2.14. but still it is of no use.

  3. Hi All

    I am totally new to GS video and GStreamer Please tell me how do I install it on my Windows system and How do I use it with eclipse.

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