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Here you can download a new version of the gsvideo library for processing (0.3.3). It fixes a bug in the calculation of the playback time, and adds a few examples in the library package:




Posted February 27, 2008 by ac in Programming

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  1. Can you put some instructions for the casual processing user, about installation?

    I’m having trouble getting this to work.

  2. hello,

    first of all, please make sure that you are working with the most up-to-date version of gsvideo, which is available here:

    As for the installation process, the library itself is quite straightforward to install… just as any other processing library copy inside /libraries (if using Processing 0148 or earlier) or inside /libraries (is using Processing 0149 or later).

    The problem right now resides in installing gstreamer (the underlying multimedia framework that allows gsvideo to play files, capture video from cameras, etc). If you are working on Linux, the most likely situation is that gstreamer is installed by default in your system, and you should not do anything special. The situation is more complex on Windows and OSX. For Windows, I have created a binary installer of gstreamer (also available in the link I wrote above) which should work on most XP or Vista systems.

    For OSX, there is still no easy way to install gstreamer, it is possible to do it by means of macports, but it is a relatively complex process:;action=display;num=1197475141;start=45

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