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Using the gsvideo and the gltexture libraries, I wrote a little demo application in Processing which lets you play with video files and realtime glsl filters. The way it works is fairly simple: you drop a movie file into the main window, and navigate the movie using the “timeline” slider located underneath the video images (the one on the left being the source video, and the one on the right the “filtered” video).


Then you can apply up to 5 filters to the video, by choosing the desired effect options in the “FX” menu on the left. The filters affect a certain segment of the movie, the segment is defined by moving and resizing the red bars that represent the filters.

Click on the link below to download a zip with the PDE files and the glsl shaders:

realmatik 001

Update: The drag-and-drop functionality of the version 001 doesn’t work on Linux. Version 002 address that issue, and also correctly scales the image according to the the ratio of the movie:

realmatik 002

In Windows you have to use the expert version of Processing (without java). Besides gsvideo and gltexture, this demo also requires the excellent libraries by sojamo for creating interfaces and handling drag-and-drop operations in Processing: controlP5 and sDrop.


Posted April 21, 2008 by ac in Programming

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