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The GLTexture library mentioned in earlier posts got renamed to GLGraphics in this new release, since it incorporates some new functionality that goes beyond the original scope of the GLTexture class. It introduces a new renderer called GLGRAPHICS that descends from the built-in OPENGL renderer. However, GLGRAPHICS can be created without attaching it to any drawing surface, so it can be used as an off-screen render framebuffer.

The problem is that I had to make some slightly changes to the built-in opengl library in order to create GLGraphics. The binary package includes the modified opengl.jar file, but using it might have (unknown) side effects… At least, exporting opengl applets doesn’t seem to work. If you want to try this library, its advisable that you backup your copy opengl.jar, just in case you need to come back to the previous, unmodified version.

Here is a screenshot of a bloom effect implemented with the new version of the library:

The library class introduces some new features, besides the GLGraphics renderer, like floating point textures and user defined filter parameters. Check the examples included in the binary packages:

GLGraphics download page

Online documentation

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4 responses to “GLTexture renamed to GLGraphics.

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  1. wow! just checked out the examples – looks fantastic! thanks.

  2. hi!
    i´m trying to use your class but i get an error in this line:

    image(tex0, 0, 0);

    is there something i can do?
    i replaced the opengl.jar file as you say…


  3. What is the error message you are getting?

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