GSVideo: setting parameters of the capture object   6 comments

I finished a new version of gsvideo (0.3.12), which adds the possibility of setting parameters for the input plugin in the GSCapture object. An useful application of this feature is to chose the input device in Linux as follows:

capture = new GSCapture(this, 320, 240, new String[] {"device"}, new String[] {"/dev/video0"});

Download from here.

Update (August 19th, 2012): In the latest release of GSVideo (1.0.0) you can just specify the name of the capture device as string argument without the need of using arrays or the additional “device” argument:

capture = new GSCapture(this, 320, 240, "/dev/video0");


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6 responses to “GSVideo: setting parameters of the capture object

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  1. thanks, it works fine.
    I published a post on my blog.
    Clarification: if copy and paste the line that put you, must replace the quotes because it does not recognize.

  2. Great, thanks for the feedback.

    I also fixed the quotes thing :-)

  3. i think the struc declaration of GSCapture must reserver a allocate space of memory, and point to diferent space on each instanciation.. ehh i dont know, my knowleg in C and C++ are deprecated..

    great work for gstreamer users zealots, (i prefer mencoder and mplayer..) see u!

  4. I need help because I can’t reconize my webcam. I have a macbook Pro and processing takes de isight as de default camera but I want to use an external webam (“Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX) and there’s no way reach this challenge.

    Please answer me as soon as possible because I’m doing a project.

  5. Please mark this as obsolete. Nowadays “device” isn’t used apparently with your GSvideo lib. Just use
    GSCapture( this, 640,480,”/dev/video1″) and you are using the second video device for example. Thanks for the great library!

  6. You are right, thanks for noticing!

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