New GLGraphics release compatible with Processing 0149+   12 comments

Today I just uploaded a new version of the glgraphics library (0.8.3). This version is compatible with the API and renderer changes introduced in Processing 0149. It can be downloaded from here.

Besides the compatibility with the latest releases of Processing, it has a couple of new features:

  • the default texture filtering mode is now set to linear.
  • texture parameters can also be specified when loading image files from disk.

Posted October 24, 2008 by ac in Programming

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12 responses to “New GLGraphics release compatible with Processing 0149+

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  1. Hi, thanks for making this library! I’m getting an error trying to use it, I’ve posted the error code and details here:;action=display;num=1225321020

    Can you help?

  2. Does running on 0154 give the same error?

  3. Looks interesting but …

    I downloaded 0149 and attempted to use it with Processing version 0155 and whenever I try to instantiate an object of type GLTexture (e.g.: boom = new GLTexture(this); ), the application gives the following error:

    OpenGL error 1282 at top endDraw(): invalid operation
    Also, I can’t run any of the example files without getting the following error:

    Framebuffer Object error!

    Any ideas what might be causing this/these errors?

  4. what operating system and video card are you using?

  5. I’m getting the same error:

    OpenGL error 1281 at top endDraw(): invalid value

    sometimes… it’s kind of inconsistent…

    i can run the examples, when i’m incorporating the lib then i get the error…

    i’m running a mac powerpc g4 with a radeon 9600

  6. my image was larger than 512 x 512… stupid mistake.

  7. strange, you should be able to load images larger than that into the GLTexture object. Can you post the code that is giving you trouble?

  8. Same error here –
    OpenGL error 1281 at top endDraw(): invalid value
    Framebuffer Object error!

    Using BasicUse example on a PowerMac G5 with nVidia 6600GT graphics card.

    • This is probably be an issue with the opengl driver that comes with OSX (not exposing all the capabilities of the card). The nVidia 6600GT supports all the features needed to run the examples (I have tested it on Linux and Windows, even a 6400 works fine)… what OSX version are you using?

  9. that was using glgraphics v.

  10. I got the same problem using opengl on OSX 10.5.6 though I’m not loading any images.

    Works fine in P3D

    OpenGL error 1282 at top endDraw(): invalid operation

    • Try the latest version of glgraphics to see if it solves the problem. But also keep in mind that older (as well as integrated) video cards might not support all the features needed by glgraphics.

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