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Update December 14, 2009: Newer releases of GStreamer-winbuilds (starting with 0.10.5) are available at the ossbuild website. To get feedback and support please check the project wiki and forum.

Together with Andoni Morales Alastruey (the author of the sports video analysis long-o-match) we have prepared a new set of installation packages for Windows (XP and Vista 32 bits) based on the OABuild project. We introduced some modifications to OAbuild in order to improve compatibility and provide video decoding and encoding in a larger number of codecs.


·Compile ffmpeg with mingw/msys with full codec support.
·Remove the ffmpeg project from OAbuild and link the ffmpeg plugin to the mingw/msys ffmpeg libraries.
·Remove the GLib project from OAbuild and link GStreamer to the GLib version provided with the GTK+ win32 installer (in this way GStreamer can be used by GTK applications).
·Update liboil to a newer version to compile the volume plugin.
·Change the ffmpeg plugin code to compile it using VS.
·Change the qtdemux plugin code to compile it using VS.
·Compile libmad for Windows and add the libraries to the Gstreamer’s dependencies to provide mp3 decoding support.
·Add the mad plugin to OAbuild.
·Add the asfdemux plugin to OAbuild.
·Remove the Direct Show wrapper and use the ffmepg plugin for all the decoding stuff.
·Add the xvid plugin to OAbuild.
·Change the xvid plugin code to complile it usin VS.
·Add the mpeg2decoder plugin to OAbuild.
·Add the mpegstream plugin to OAbuild.

To do:
·Make the x264 plugin work
·Improve mpeg2 decoding/demuxing support
·Add dvd navigation support

You can find the installers at this page.he


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11 responses to “GStreamer: new installer packages for windows

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  1. Thanks guys, your effort is well appreciated! Way to go!

  2. You saved my life!

    thank you very much!

  3. Thank very much. Great work.
    I am trying to use it with Python and I came up with a problem

    The procedure entry point gst_xml_parse_doc could not be located in the dynamic link library libgstreamer-0.10.dll

    I would appreciate any help.

    • Are you using the latest release of winbuilds, 0.10.3?

      In any case, please post the questions regarding the windows installer in the forum we setup for the WinBuilds project.

  4. Hey, thanks very much for the effort. I’m writing some pygtk code on Windows and would like to use gstreamer to show some ogg theora files. Looking forward to your next winbuild including pygst installer.

  5. great!, PyGst for python 2.6 :D on Guindows! xD, the mad plugin is in it!?

  6. Thanks a lot, guys! It works great.

  7. Hi guys,

    Great work you’ve done. I was wondering when TCPSERVERSINK will be implemented. I am currently working on a new project (JapelServer) and sadlly, it cannot work in Windows because of this.

    For now, only Linux user can stream movies to their iPhone using JapelServer.

    For details:

    • Hi, thanks for the compliments. First of all, please check the updated links at the top of the post, where you can find the latest releases of the windows installer.

      As for the TCPSERVERSINK plugin, do you know if it has any Linux-specific dependency? If not, it could be added to the VC++ project used to compile the windows binaries.

      • Hi,

        TCPSERVERSINK is only a single tcp server accepting connection. But as for Linux dependencies, I cannot say.

        Since it’s not hardware releated, it’s probably easy to port to Windows.

        I’ll keep looking for updates cause that’s the only thing missiong for me.

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