New version of GSVideo: 0.4.5   1 comment

This new version of GSVideo introduces a couple of interesting new features. First of all, it implements the capture device listing API, i.e.: the GSCapture.list() method that returns a String array with the names of the available capture devices. GSCapture.list() can be also called passing a String parameter with the name of the source element to use, for example: GSCapture.list(“ksvideosrc”).

The constructor of the GSCapture class has been simplified, so it can take the name of the selected catpure device: cam = new GSCapture(this, 320, 240, “/dev/video0”). In combination with the list method, the following can be done as well:

String[] cameras = GSCapture.list();
println("Available cameras:");
for (int i = 0; i < cameras.length; i++) println(cameras[i]);
cam = new GSCapture(this, 320, 240, cameras[0]);

Another new feature is the possibility of ending a GSPipeline with a filesink element, which allows saving video to file:

pipe = new GSPipeline(this, "ksvideosrc ! queue ! videorate ! video/x-raw-yuv,frame
rate=25/1 ! xvidenc ! queue ! avimux ! queue ! filesink location=test.avi");

There is a windows-only package of GSVideo that includes an entire distribution of gstreamer, so there is no need of a separate gstreamer installation.

Downloads here.


One response to “New version of GSVideo: 0.4.5

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  1. Wow, lots of new things to play with. Where to begin?

    Thx. so much for your efforts!

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