proTablet: tablet library for Processing based on JPen   13 comments

I wrote a little Processing library that encapsulates the JPen package to access graphic tablets in Java. JPen can be used directly in Processing, but proTablet makes the syntax a little bit easier. Download it from here.

Update: Now protTablet has a simple website from where you can access the downloads, examples, reference, and some other useful links.


Posted January 8, 2009 by ac in Programming

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13 responses to “proTablet: tablet library for Processing based on JPen

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  1. Thanks man !!

  2. De nada! Me alegra que la librería sea de utilidad.

  3. Is this new library for using Wacom tablets, or is it a mobile platform intended for internet tablets?

  4. Protablet works fine on my setup, but when I run Processing sketches in Present mode, I can’t get the tablet information. (I’m running Processing 1.1 on an Intel-based MacBook Pro, Mac OS 10.5, Wacom Intuos2 tablet.) Is there a workaround? Thanks.


    • I just uploaded proTablet to use the latest version of JPen. Maybe this solves your problem?

      Download from here.

      If the problem persists, you could fill a bug report in sourceforge following this link.

  5. Thanks! I actually exported my sketch to a Java application, and was able to get the tablet in full-screen mode. I’ll try updating JPen later.


  6. hi
    i have a some problem.

    2011. 5. 26 오전 2:59:55 jpen.provider.NativeLibraryLoader$4 run
    정보: loading JPen 2-100213 JNI library: jpen-2-2 …
    2011. 5. 26 오전 2:59:55 jpen.provider.NativeLibraryLoader$4 logOnFail
    정보: jpen-2-2 couldn’t be loaded
    2011. 5. 26 오전 2:59:55 jpen.provider.NativeLibraryLoader load
    정보: no suitable JNI library found

    • Hi. What version of Processing are you using? And what platform (OSX, Windows, Linux)?

    • I tried latest protablet (0.8) with Processing 1.5.1 on Windows7 64 bits, and it works fine.

      Anyways, I will update protablet in the coming days so it uses a newer version of jpen (the underlying java library that interfaces with the tablet driver). This might help in your case, since the error you reported seems to originate in jpen.

    • Try this test package of ProTablet: 2011-06-04. It comes with updated version of jpen.

  7. The websites of downloading files dead. Besides, Is this library compatible with processing3?

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