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I couple of weeks ago I started coding up in Processing a tool for live visual performance using real-time video effects, drawing, animation and computer vision techniques. The name of this tool is ANDIAMO, which is an Spanish acronym for ANimador DIgital Analógico MOdular (Digital-Analog Modular Animator).

From a technical point of view, one of the goals of ANDIAMO is to use the Processing libraries that I have developed so far (GLGraphics, GSVideo, GPUKLT, etc) to show the possibility of handling real-time video and GPU effects within Processing. I also intend to use it as a prototype platform to test some interface ideas in the context of live performance, and to explore ways to enhance visual improvisation using a graphics tablet as the main gestural input device.

I haven’t released any installation package yet, but the source code is available here.

After having used with live performance tools that are operated mainly through the keyboard, as well as with GUI-heavy programs like Modul8, I’m trying to find a direction orthogonal to these extremes. The concept is to have a custom graphic interface that it is invisible most of the time, so it doesn’t distract the live performance by occupying the screen with unneeded visual elements. The interface elements appear only when certain gestures are made to access specific options and parameters. This interface makes extensive use of the graphic tablet, and at this point it is not fully functional with a regular mouse. The use of the keyboard is minimized and only very frequent operations can be accessed through keyboard shortcuts. Below there are some screenshots of the current interface (version 012):


Video selector


Color selector


Video mixer


Live drawing layer


Shapes layer with shapes attached to points tracked on the video


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  2. It sound very nice. Thanks. Im starting to learn Processing , im in the beggining , but my idea was to use for my visual. I saw the code but how, you compile all the sketchs in one app? This is posibble?

    • Hola! What I have in my app are called tabs, is just a way of subdividing a large sketch in smaller pieces (each separate pde file goes inside the same folder as the main pde). When you run the sketch, Processing puts all this pieces together back into a single program. So it is just a way of helping organize your sketch and make it more clear. You can add new tabs to your sketch by clicking on the arrow icon on the right of the screen, immediately above the editing area, and selecting “New Tab”.

  3. Hi!

    I try to download the source of andiamo in your link:

    But i get:
    “No File Packages Defined”

    Thanks 4 your libraries!

    • Hello lot, thanks for your interest. I didn’t have time to package the application yet, but the latest source code its available in sourceforge’s svn.

  4. Hi there,

    Andiamo looks great. I’m glad you are developing it, because it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    I have a technical problem with trunk/015. I get the following error:

    Starting setup…
    Setting up graphics tablet…

    19/04/2009 20:20:14 jpen.provider.NativeLibraryLoader$4 run
    INFO: loading JNI library: jpen-2 …
    19/04/2009 20:20:14 jpen.provider.NativeLibraryLoader$4 run
    INFO: jpen-2 loaded

    Setting up resources…
    Setting up dynamics…
    Setting up tracker…

    Exception in thread “Animation Thread” java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\processing-1.0.3\libraries\opengl\library\jogl_cg.dll: Can’t find dependent libraries

    I hope this is the right place for this kind of questions. Do you have a mailing list?

    Beyond that, I wouldn’t mind joining your development effort.

    Kind regards,

    • Hello!

      Do you have CG installed on your computer ( )? Maybe this is the source of the error. But not sure. What video card you have on your system? The GPU-KLT tracker will work only on NVidia Geforce 6×00 or newer (8×00 to be sure), it is quite demanding in fact. I’ll add an option to completely disable the GPU tracker, so Andiamo can be run on machines with older video cards.

      I’m very glad to hear that you are willing to contribute to the development of Andiamo. I briefly looked at your WacomFlakes project and our interests seem to be quite similar indeed. Right now I’m using Andiamo as part of my final live video performance project at UCLA, and I’m adding new features constantly depending on what I need for my project. I haven’t had much time to focus on things like proper code documentation, tutorials, installation packages, etc. Hopefully I’ll focus on these aspects once the craze at school is over in mid May.

      I’ll be more than happy to start discussing with you our projects and possible ways of integrating the development efforts. You can use the forums in the sourceforge page of Andiamo, but posting comments on the blog is also ok.

      (final note: the tablet library I’m currently using in Andiamo, protablet, should work on Windows, OSX and Linux. You might want to try it out in WacomFlakes)

    • hi,

      i had the same exception:
      \jogl_cg.dll: Can’t find dependent libraries

      jogl_cg.dll itself cannot find the needed cg dlls. i had to download and install the cg toolkit from nvidia.

      • Thanks for pointing this out. I’d like to eventually release a new version of andiamo with less dependencies, more focused on the live drawing functionality. I’ll post about it…

  5. Hi,

    I have a Nvidia GeForce 7400 display adapter. I don’t remember if I’ve ever installed the cg toolkit, but probably not.

    If the GPU tracker is what causes this then by all means I’d suggest removing it. Could you please elaborate about the relevant parts of the code?

    About protablet – yes, I’ve been looking for a cross-platform alternative to JTablet.

    I’m also looking for a more stable solution than the fullscreen API. It behaves strangely.

    If you would like to add me to the sourceforge project I would gladly try to help out with documentation, tutorials, testing, installations, etc’.

    Feel free to contact me via gmail.


  6. Hey-wonderful work!

    just wanted to try out your software and i ran into the same problem as VirtualFlavius.

    UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\processing-1.0.3\libraries\opengl\library\jogl_cg.dll: Can’t find dependent libraries

    and well I am not using Nvidea but an ATI graphic card. Is it not working at all with those cards!

    Thnk you for keeping up the good work!

    • Hello, did you try setting the variable DISABLE_KLT_GPU_TRACKER (located near the beginning of the main pde file of the sketch) to true? This should eliminate the error, I think.

    • I solved the issue by setting the color depth to 32-bit in Control Panel -> Display -> Settings

      Kind regards,

  7. forgot the notification link.

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