Easier azimuth and altitude access in proTablet   Leave a comment

ProTablet is a Processing library, based on JPen, that I wrote a while a to simplify the access to the graphics tablet. Earlier versions of proTablet allowed to grab the pen’s X azimuth and altitude values with the getAzimuthXAndAltitude() method. Look at this code for instance:

float[] azimuthAltitude = new float[2];
float angle = (azimuthAltitude[0]*-1);
float penLenght = cos(azimuthAltitude[1])*150;
float pressure = tablet.getPressure();

However, this approach is a little bit cumbersome since it requires creating an array to hold the azimuth and altitude values calculated by getAzimuthXAndAltitude(). Benedikt Groß added a couple of new methods in order to simplify the access to these values: getAzimuth() and getAltitude(). The new release of proTablet (0.6) includes these methods as well as an up-to-date version of JPen (090216).


Posted February 20, 2009 by ac in Programming

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