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Today I finally released a new version of GSVideo (0.5, download) which finally implements all the original built-in video classes in Processing: Movie, Capture and MovieMaker. The equivalent versions of these classes in GSVideo are GSMovie, GSCapture and GSMovieMaker. I tried to reproduce the methods and behaviours of the original classes as much as possible. The other important milestone is that GSVideo works on Windows, Linux and OSX (with some caveats).

Linux and Windows users should be able to use the library right out of the box, just by uncompressing the zip file into Processing libraries folder.

Mac users need to have OSX Leopard (10.5) on an Intel machine, and to install GStreamer separately. For this purpose I created a GStreamer dmg installer for OSX, which is described in detail in this other post. This separate installer will be needed until I’m able to better integrate GStreamer libraries into Processing.

A note for Windows users: a separate GStreamer installer (such as WinBuilds)  is not needed, since GSVideo 0.5 is bundled with the GStreamer libraries for Windows. However, if GSVideo detects a global install of GStreamer, it will try to use it instead of the bundled version. If this causes problems, please uninstall the global install, or update it to the latest version available.

GSMovieMaker and Ubuntu users: the version of GStreamer that comes by default with both 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) doesn’t include the required plugin to capture frames to disk (App). The way to solve the problem is to compile the App plugin by hand using newer source packages from the GStreamer website. The details are explained here (in Spanish).

For bug reports and feature requests feel free to leave comments on this post, but it is recommended to use sourceforge’s tracker.


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9 responses to “GSVideo 0.5 released

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  1. Hi,
    I just posted a proposition for the next release:

    Please hav a look.

  2. hej. i tried version 0.5 of gsvideo and run into a problem. “cant’t load library speex”. i noticed that

  3. hej. i tried version 0.5 of gsvideo and run into a problem. “cant’t load library speex”. i noticed that the patch says “[…]Processing/libraries/gsvideo/library\win”. i am pretty new to processing so i hope it is not a stupid problem: is this last dash maybe the problem? shouldnt it be a / instaed of a \?

    • Hi,

      I was able to reproduce the error on a XP machine. I’ll upload a fixed version of gsvideo soon.

      Thanks a lot for reporting this problem!


  4. Done. Version us now up on sourceforge.

  5. thanks a lot … it works now. (vista sp1)

    i am too stupid to post on a blog (and to write my own name) but at least i found the bug. ;-)

  6. Two things:

    1 Thanks a bunch! Great work!

    2 I’m kinda sure you’ve seen this already, but tricks are coming to gstreamer, perhaps speed() will get up to speed soon :-)

    Happy Hacking!

  7. Actually, I wasn’t aware of the trick modes… sounds really cool and it is exactly what I need in order to complete the implementation of the GSMovie class with a working speed() method. Thanks for the comment!

  8. Great work! Just tried this out on a fresh ubuntu install, works very well. Thanks for making this, video has been the one thing preventing me from using processing on linux for years now.

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