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Some 3D renderings inspired by folding simulations of protein molecules.

A few years ago I did research in computational biology, specifically in the so-called protein folding problem. I wrote code to simulate how protein molecules fold into their biologically functional shape.
Based on the data generated during the course of these simulations (usually thousands of molecular structures), I created the renderings you can see below, which I call “Divergence” and “Convergence”.



These renderings were generated using Processing together with the GLGraphics library, which allows to create 3D models with very large number of vertices. The original resolution of the images was 4096×4096 pixels, the ones above are smaller but you can download the high-resolution versions from the following links (note that the uncompressed tiff files occupy 48Mb):

Convergence high-res
Divergence high-res

I used the ribbon drawing code for the first time in a molecular visualization software called YAPview, which you can still download from here. I ported this code into a small applet that you can run below:



Posted June 3, 2010 by ac in Art projects, Programming, Visualization

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