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A few days ago, Ben Fry made available a new pre-release of Processing, 0192. This revision, although it is a pre-release intended only for Android, and as such contains many unfinished features and bugs, also incorporates several improvements in the 3D renderer. A number of additional last-minute changes didn’t cut it into this revision, and will be probably included in 0193. Still, A3D in 0192 is significantly better than in earlier versions, so it might be worthwhile checking it out while waiting for the newer releases.

Some of the most significant improvements are the following:

  • Multitexturing support (issue 344)
  • Improved font texture handling (issue 394)
  • Implemented screen pixel operations (issue 395)
  • Added additional blending modes (issue 290)
  • Automatic normal calculation (issue 345)
  • New OpenGL resource release mechanism (issue 456)
  • Texture mipmap generation (issue 288)
  • Several PShape3D improvements (issues 471, 428, 484 although this last one is not included in 0192)
  • Asynchronous/threaded image loading supported (issue 465)

A3D-specific examples are still not included in the Processing distribution, but here you can download some of the examples I have been preparing for inclusion in later revisions.

Together with Jihyun Kim, I recently taught a course at SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 precisely about Processing on Android devices. The course slides cover general aspects of Android and Processing, the 2D drawing API of Processing, as well as a whole section describing the A3D renderer. This could serve as a useful reference, so the slides in pdf format for section about A3D are available here.


Screenshot of a Processing sketch using some of the latest features in A3D (multiexturing, model recording), running on a Galaxy S phone.


Finally, useful online materials and resources for Processing-Android can be found at the “official” forum and wiki, getting-started tutorials by Jer Thorpe and Peter Kirn, and posts by Eric Pavey. Videos from the Processing.Android conference/workshop, held in Chicago a few months ago, might also be helpful.


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