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Processing 1.5 was announced a few days ago. This version brings many changes since the last stable release, including the new Android mode to create apps for smartphones and tablets running Google’s operating system. I updated the GLGraphics library to work with Processing 1.5, and so a new version of the library (0.95) is available for download.

Besides compatibility with Processing 1.5, the most important features of this release of GLGraphics are: the addition of an example showing integration with toxiclibs, and a working implementation of geometry shaders with GLSL. Geometry shaders are very useful to generate complex geometries by mesh refinement. A geometry shader can take a relatively simple geometry sent from the application and subdivide it with the addition of new triangles. The image below shows a series of subdivision stages from an example included with the library:



Posted April 20, 2011 by ac in Programming

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2 responses to “Processing 1.5 / GLGraphics 0.95

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  2. Hi!

    First thanks for your work, nice!!

    Second, I need your help, I hope you can solve easily, this is my problem with offscreen,

    so Thanks!

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