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Not much time to write on the blog these days, so things are piling up quickly. This post in particular is about a project from two months ago :-), when I participated in a Summer course at the Communication Design program at Konkuk University, Seoul. The class was lectured by Jihyun Kim and focused in making interactive applications with Android devices. I helped the students to use the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol and sensors in Processing.Android. For most of them, this was their first experience developing on a smartphone, and the outcome was very engaging and fun.

Update: The sample sketches I used during the class to explain how to send/receive data with Android devices can be grabbed from here and here.

This group of students (황찬우, 진유탁, 이성원, 황수영, 엄용주, 주현, 김경식, 김이나) decided to make an participatory application to create audio and visuals using the Android phones as input devices. The movement of the phones controls the position of an icon representing the user on a wall projection, as well as the sounds heard in the space. Audio clips and icons are individually selected from each phone, but the overall result is the combination of the information received from all the users. It was nice to see this project as an example of how smartphones can be used to engage people in participatory, playful experiences that are not restricted to the phone’s screens.

The oscP5 and ketai libraries were used in this project to connect the phones to a central PC using OSC, and read the movement from the accelerometers in the phones.


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  1. such a shame, i just finished my brief summer Korean language course mid August and am an Android developer. If i had know this was going on there whilst I was there, i’d have requested for a visit!! :D

  2. i meant i was also at Konkuk.

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