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Android course at Konkuk University   4 comments

Not much time to write on the blog these days, so things are piling up quickly. This post in particular is about a project from two months ago :-), when I participated in a Summer course at the Communication Design program at Konkuk University, Seoul. The class was lectured by Jihyun Kim and focused in making interactive applications with Android devices. I helped the students to use the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol and sensors in Processing.Android. For most of them, this was their first experience developing on a smartphone, and the outcome was very engaging and fun.

Update: The sample sketches I used during the class to explain how to send/receive data with Android devices can be grabbed from here and here.

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At Fathom (and first tablet app)   Leave a comment

Hello! A few days ago I started working at Fathom, the information visualization studio run by Ben Fry. While here I will work on various data visualization projects, specially those requiring real-time, interactive graphics with OpenGL, as well as continue with my involvement with the development of the Processing language and environment. This job also encompasses an exciting collaboration with the lab of Pardis Sabeti at Harvard university, focused in the creation of new tools for visualizing epidemiological data and helping understand the factors that determine the origin and spread of various diseases. During my first week at Fathom I got started by working on an Android port of the “Stats of the Union” visualization, originally available for iPad tablets.

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Processing 0192, A3D updates   Leave a comment

A few days ago, Ben Fry made available a new pre-release of Processing, 0192. This revision, although it is a pre-release intended only for Android, and as such contains many unfinished features and bugs, also incorporates several improvements in the 3D renderer. A number of additional last-minute changes didn’t cut it into this revision, and will be probably included in 0193. Still, A3D in 0192 is significantly better than in earlier versions, so it might be worthwhile checking it out while waiting for the newer releases.
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JNA on Android   3 comments

Samuel Audet, the author of JavaCV and other cool projects you can check out here, has been working on a port of JNA for Android. I haven’t tested it myself yet, but according to the wiki it has reached a functional state. This port would be very useful to simplify the access to native C libraries on the Android platform when coding with the Java SDK.
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3D in Processing for Android   9 comments

During the recent symposium “Processing.Android: Open Source for Mobile Innovation”, organized by Daniel Sauter from UIC, I had the chance to be the instructor in a workshop about 3D graphics in Processing for Android. The event was very successful, and among the speakers there were Casey Reas, Ben Fry, Jer Thorpe, and other artists, researchers and educators deeply involved in art, code and open source. This was a good opportunity to introduce the recent developments in the Android port of Processing, which include the work in the 3D renderer I’m doing myself, as well as the Ketai in Motion library for simplified access to sensor data, developed by Daniel Sauter and Jesus Duran. In the rest of this post I’ll describe in more detail the new 3D renderer in Processing for Android, A3D.

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Processing Android events   2 comments

There are a couple of upcoming Processing for Android workshops I’ll be taking part of, introducing the new A3D renderer which has been in the works for the last few months. One is called “Fast 3D graphics in Processing for Android” at the “Processing.Android: Open Source for Mobile Innovation” symposium (in just a few days in Chicago). The second is the workshop “Introduction to Processing on Android devices”, which I’ll be co-teaching together with Jihyun Kim as part of the courses programming of Siggraph Asia 2010, in Seoul this December. See the details below.
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GLGraphics 0.9.4   24 comments

The version 0.9.4 of the GLGraphics library is available for download. This release is very significant because it incorporates a number of improvements and fixes suggested over the last few months by users of the library (enhanced Cg and GLSL shader support is one of such improvements), and also because this is the last release before the integration with the ongoing work I’m doing in the 3D renderer for Processing Android. For a full list of changes, fixes and issues please take a look at the release notes.
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