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Shader API in Processing 2: an updated reference!   11 comments

Processing 2.0 was released almost a year ago, and introduced many exciting improvements in several areas. Among those, a new OpenGL renderer with GLSL shader support. Since that time, the shader API – defined not only by the new functions in the Processing language to load and run shaders in a sketch, but also by the set of uniform and attribute variables inside a shader that Processing automatically initializes with the geometry coming from the sketch – has gone some minor changes and tweaks. The reference section in the Processing website, the PShader tutorial, and the built-in examples are all up-to-date, but the last full listing of all the uniform and attribute variables was mentioned in an older post in this blog, and has gone a bit out of date since then. With the recent release of Processing 2.1.2, I could say (with very high certainty) that the shader API in Processing 2 reached a “stable status” and won’t go through any further changes.
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Shaders in Processing 2.0 beta   9 comments

Processing 2.0 beta was finally released a couple of weeks ago, with the 2.0b3 version being the latest release in the beta series at this time. The new shader API described in the previous posts (1, 2, and 3) received some tweaking and cleaning-up, so the examples mentioned earlier might not work properly. Check below for a more detailed description of the shader API updates in the beta.
Update: With the release of Processing 2.0 final, some of the contents in this post are outdated, please check this tutorial for a detailed description of the finalized shader API.

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Easier azimuth and altitude access in proTablet   Leave a comment

ProTablet is a Processing library, based on JPen, that I wrote a while a to simplify the access to the graphics tablet. Earlier versions of proTablet allowed to grab the pen’s X azimuth and altitude values with the getAzimuthXAndAltitude() method. Read the rest of this entry »

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Upated version of gsvideo   Leave a comment

Wayne Meissner just released a new version of his java bindings for gstreamer (0.6), which introduces some changes in the API as well as stability, memory consumption & speed improvements. I updated the gsvideo library to make it compatible with the new API. No new functionality was added. Here you can download the library and the corresponding source:



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