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Shaders in Processing 2.0 – Part 3   Leave a comment

This is the last part of a series of posts about the new shader architecture in Processing 2.0. This post focuses on how to integrate low-level OpenGL calls with the standard Processing API. This integration has been possible since very early releases of the 1.0 branch, and allowed users through the use of OpenGL functions to implement advanced rendering functionality not available in Processing. The main drawback of the GL integration in Processing 1.x is that it makes the sketches incompatible with regular Processing code (other 3D renderers for example), and harder to understand by many users. Although the latter will continue to be problem as long as OpenGL calls are explicitly included in Processing sketches, the compatibility issue is addressed by Processing 2.0 now that OpenGL is much more deeply integrated with the P2D and P3D renderers.
Update: With the release of Processing 2.0 final, some of the contents in this post are outdated, please check this tutorial for a detailed description of the finalized shader API.

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