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OpenCV 2 in Processing   41 comments

Xavier Hinault recently released a new computer vision library for Processing, based on JavaCV and OpenCV 2: JavacvPro. This is a great contribution to the community, since it appears that the development of the original OpenCV library for Processing has stalled, without moving beyond OpenCV 1.0 support. JavacvPro is based on the very solid JavaCV wrappers by  Samuel Audet, which provide access to the latest version of OpenCV (2.3.1 at the time of writing this), and in fact also allows to use other computer vision frameworks like OpenKinect, and ARToolKit. I did some testing of JavacvPro (version 0.3) on Windows, Mac and Linux, and the results are very promising as I was able to use the library on the three platforms. Xavier has also included many examples in the library package that show how to use it various features.

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ANDIAMO: real-time video tool   14 comments

I couple of weeks ago I started coding up in Processing a tool for live visual performance using real-time video effects, drawing, animation and computer vision techniques. The name of this tool is ANDIAMO, which is an Spanish acronym for ANimador DIgital Analógico MOdular (Digital-Analog Modular Animator).
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Moon Theater at Sundance 2009   Leave a comment

I collaborated with artists Michael Kontopoulos and Nova Jiang to create the interactive piece Moon Theater. It is a public artwork that allows people to playfully participate and collaborate with each other by creating narratives through a digital shadow theater. My role in this group project was the programming of the software that detects the hands of the public and use them to control the puppets, beatifully designed by Nova.
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