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Shaders in Processing 2.0 – Part 2   9 comments

The new capability of loading user-provided GLSL shaders into Processing’s P2D and P3D renderers opens up the possibility of customizing all the rendering operations in Processing, as well as of creating interactive graphics that would be very hard or impossible to generate otherwise. For OpenGL web applications, WebGL supports (only) programmable pipelines through GLSL shaders, and this has motivated the creation of online repositories of shader effects that can be run directly from inside the web browsers, as long as they support WebGL. Sites like the GLSL sandbox or Shader Toy hold large collections of shader effects that can be edited and controlled interactively through the browser. This new post will explain how to integrate GLSL shaders from the GLSL sandbox and Shader Toy websites into a Processing sketch.
Update: With the release of Processing 2.0 final, some of the contents in this post are outdated, please check this tutorial for a detailed description of the finalized shader API.

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Posted August 3, 2012 by ac in Programming

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GLGraphics 0.9.2: better integration with Processing camera (and more)   13 comments

This new release of GLGraphics (0.9.2, Update: use this other package if you need a Java5-compatible version) includes a couple of exciting new features/improvements. First of all, code using GLModels (the class that stores 3D models directly in the GPU memory for fast rendering) can be safely mixed with the default Processing methods for camera and viewport handling. Secondly, the API of the GLModel class has been expanded with many utility methods to load data into a model (this includes the possibility of loading an entire model from an xml file). And finally, a new class called GLModelEffect encapsulates shaders that are applied during the rendering of a GLModel. This allows for effects like bump mapping, toon shading, fur rendering, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted October 26, 2009 by ac in Programming

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