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Shader API in Processing 2: an updated reference!   11 comments

Processing 2.0 was released almost a year ago, and introduced many exciting improvements in several areas. Among those, a new OpenGL renderer with GLSL shader support. Since that time, the shader API – defined not only by the new functions in the Processing language to load and run shaders in a sketch, but also by the set of uniform and attribute variables inside a shader that Processing automatically initializes with the geometry coming from the sketch – has gone some minor changes and tweaks. The reference section in the Processing website, the PShader tutorial, and the built-in examples are all up-to-date, but the last full listing of all the uniform and attribute variables was mentioned in an older post in this blog, and has gone a bit out of date since then. With the recent release of Processing 2.1.2, I could say (with very high certainty) that the shader API in Processing 2 reached a “stable status” and won’t go through any further changes.
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Shaders in Processing 2.0 – Part 1   4 comments

The new OpenGL renderers in Processing 2.0 (P2D/P3D) rely extensively on GLSL shaders. Although in most common situations the use of shaders is invisible to the user, Processing includes a new PShader class that allows to apply custom shaders to the drawing of the sketch. This post describes the shader architecture in Processing 2.0, and the common interfaces that custom GLSL shader code needs to include in order to be accepted by the OpenGL renderers in Processing.
Update: With the release of Processing 2.0 final, some of the contents in this post are outdated, please check this tutorial for a detailed description of the finalized shader API.

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Fluid library for Processing   1 comment

Thomas Diewald (who is also the author of the excellent kinect library dLibs_freenect, and many Processing pieces) recently created another library for generating realtime fluid simulations in Processing, using either the CPU or the GPU: diewald_fluid. The results are quite amazing, and it is also very fast, specially when using the GPU.

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GLGraphics 0.9.4   24 comments

The version 0.9.4 of the GLGraphics library is available for download. This release is very significant because it incorporates a number of improvements and fixes suggested over the last few months by users of the library (enhanced Cg and GLSL shader support is one of such improvements), and also because this is the last release before the integration with the ongoing work I’m doing in the 3D renderer for Processing Android. For a full list of changes, fixes and issues please take a look at the release notes.
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Hello, today I upload a new version of glraphics: As usual, download from sourceforge. This version is compiled with Java 1.5, which hopefully will solve the compatilbility issues some people were experiencing. Read the rest of this entry »

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New GLGraphics release: 0.8.9   6 comments

This release of GLGraphics introduces a new and improved way of handling the parameters of the texture filters. Before 0.8.9, the parameters had to be passed to the filter with a GLTextureFilterParameters object. This object allowed only a predetermined number of parameters to be set in the shader. Furthermore, the name of these parameters was hard-coded, for example a float parameter in the shader had to be called par_flt1, for instance, in order to be recognized by the filter.
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GLTexture renamed to GLGraphics.   4 comments

The GLTexture library mentioned in earlier posts got renamed to GLGraphics in this new release, since it incorporates some new functionality that goes beyond the original scope of the GLTexture class. It introduces a new renderer called GLGRAPHICS that descends from the built-in OPENGL renderer. However, GLGRAPHICS can be created without attaching it to any drawing surface, so it can be used as an off-screen render framebuffer.
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