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realmatik: a little demo of realtime video filters   Leave a comment

Using the gsvideo and the gltexture libraries, I wrote a little demo application in Processing which lets you play with video files and realtime glsl filters. The way it works is fairly simple: you drop a movie file into the main window, and navigate the movie using the “timeline” slider located underneath the video images (the one on the left being the source video, and the one on the right the “filtered” video).
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Posted April 21, 2008 by ac in Programming

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GLTexture library for Processing   13 comments

Here is a new version of the opengl texture library for processing (v0.6.5). In fact, I renamed it to gltexture, and also changed the prefix P* to GL* to avoid conflicts with the core classes of processing. I also fixed a minor bug and added an initial version of the documentation (generated from the code with javadoc).
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Posted March 31, 2008 by ac in Programming

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Texture library for Processing   Leave a comment

I compiled as a library the code for handling opengl textures and glsl filters that I had in my previous post.

Click on the links below to download the library (with an example) and the source code:



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PTexture and PTextureFilter objects for Processing   1 comment

I wrote a couple of new objects to simplify the handling of opengl textures and glsl filters in Processing.

The PTexture object is a descendant of PImage. It holds an opengl texture that can be copied from and to the pixel property. Then the PTextureFilter allows for applying glsl filters to the PTexture objects. The filter can include grid mapping and distortion of the texture through the use of vertex shaders.
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Posted March 30, 2008 by ac in Programming

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Processing Painter   Leave a comment

I have been working since a while ago on a painter algorithm that uses GLSL shaders to handle a particle system in real time. The particles move on the screen, generating an effect that gives the impression of flowing paint. I implemented this algorithm in Processing, and the last week I finally managed to get some time to work on two optimizations to the original version of the algorithm: texture displacement mapping and Vertex Buffer Objects. With these two optimizations, the number of particles that can be displayed at a playable framerate goes from 10,000 up to 100,000. Here is the link.

Posted February 4, 2008 by ac in Programming

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