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GLTexture renamed to GLGraphics.   4 comments

The GLTexture library mentioned in earlier posts got renamed to GLGraphics in this new release, since it incorporates some new functionality that goes beyond the original scope of the GLTexture class. It introduces a new renderer called GLGRAPHICS that descends from the built-in OPENGL renderer. However, GLGRAPHICS can be created without attaching it to any drawing surface, so it can be used as an off-screen render framebuffer.
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Posted May 4, 2008 by ac in Programming

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GLTexture library for Processing   13 comments

Here is a new version of the opengl texture library for processing (v0.6.5). In fact, I renamed it to gltexture, and also changed the prefix P* to GL* to avoid conflicts with the core classes of processing. I also fixed a minor bug and added an initial version of the documentation (generated from the code with javadoc).
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Posted March 31, 2008 by ac in Programming

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