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Moving towards Processing 2.0   5 comments

A few weeks ago, the Processing project started the transition to the 2.0 branch with the release of the first alpha package. Today, the second alpha is out (2.0a2), and available from the downloads section in the Google code page of the project, for the Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. The most important changes for this alpha release consist in several improvements in the new video library, and better support for 64 bits within the Processing environment and in exported applications. Follow this link for more detailed release notes, and keep reading below for some additional information about the video library included in Processing 2.0.

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GSVideo 0.9 released   24 comments

GSVideo 0.9 is a significant release of this library because it introduces a new methodology to feed video frames directly into GLTexture objects from the GLGraphics library, which often results in a reduction of CPU usage of around 50%. The latest version of GLGraphics, 0.99, is required for this optimization to work.
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GSVideo 0.8   20 comments

A new stable release of the GSVideo library for Processing, 0.8, is available for the Linux, Mac OSX and Windows platforms. This version includes important fixes in memory and thread handling as well as new functionality for media playback and video capture. Follow this link to download the library packages, or keep reading for more details.

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JNA on Android   3 comments

Samuel Audet, the author of JavaCV and other cool projects you can check out here, has been working on a port of JNA for Android. I haven’t tested it myself yet, but according to the wiki it has reached a functional state. This port would be very useful to simplify the access to native C libraries on the Android platform when coding with the Java SDK.
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Building GStreamer on OSX   39 comments

Currently, the most convenient way to generate GStreamer binaries for Mac is to use the MacPorts build system. It automatically handles dependencies and patches, and it is kept well up-to-date. However, the main disadvantage of MacPorts is that the resulting GStreamer libraries are meant to be placed inside a specific location in the disk, usually /opt/local, which makes difficult to bundle them into 3rd party applications and also requires separate installs to deploy GStreamer on the end user’s machine. The reason for this problem is that the compilation process in MacPorts hard-codes the absolute paths of the dependencies into the binaries and/or libraries. The methods and scripts described below allow one to modify the GStreamer binaries built with MacPorts so they contain only relative references to dependencies, thus facilitating the integration of GStreamer with 3rd party applications on Mac OSX. These scripts and accompanying documentation are already part of the OSSBuild distribution.
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GSVideo 0.7   49 comments

After more than one year in the works, the version 0.6 of GSVideo finally comes out as… 0.7! (I felt that naming the final package as 0.6 after a string of things such as 0.6-pre0, pre1, pre2, pre3, pre4 and pre5 lacked a certain sense of novelty :-) ). In any case, this release has been possible by the contributions of many users and developers, who suggested numerous improvements and pointed out bugs and errors. The package is now split according to the OS platform, click on the following links to grab the version for Linux, Mac (Snow Leopard only , sorry Leopard version still not ready) and Windows.
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OSX strangeness   2 comments

GStreamer under OSX requires setting a couple of environmental variables: DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH and GST_PLUGIN_PATH. One approach I relied on before in order to define these variables was to use the the setenv command in the /etc/launchd.conf file. launchd.conf is read by the launchd service during system boot. But, it turns out that any variable that starts with DYLD is just ignored…
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