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FLUR interactive video wall   Leave a comment

Here is a project using GSVideo for playback of multiple videos in a LED public interactive video wall. I met Bae, Jaehyuck, an electrical engineering student from Seoul National University, who used GSVideo to implement the video playback mechanism of the installation. Proximity sensors trigger different videos as people approaches the water fountains located behind the screen. Up to nine videos are played simultaneously by the application.
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Fresh releases of GSVideo and GLGraphics   31 comments

After taking some time off from gsvideo and glgraphics (in order to finish my MFA project at UCLA), finally had the chance to go back to coding and prepare new releases of both libraries (glgraphics 0.9.1 and gsvideo 0.6-pre0).

I’d say these both releases are more in-progress snapshots than finished versions, fact accentuated in gsvideo by calling it a “pre” release (expect more of these to come in the near future :-))
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Bugfixes in GSVideo   Leave a comment

A new release of gsvideo (0.5.1) that I uploaded today to sourceforge solves a bug in the recenlty added GSMovieMaker, which prevented to write frames to a movie file while playing another movie. This has been solved by including an updated version of gstreamer-java (the underlying bindings that allow Processing to communicate with GStreamer).
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GSVideo 0.5 released   9 comments

Today I finally released a new version of GSVideo (0.5, download) which finally implements all the original built-in video classes in Processing: Movie, Capture and MovieMaker. The equivalent versions of these classes in GSVideo are GSMovie, GSCapture and GSMovieMaker. I tried to reproduce the methods and behaviours of the original classes as much as possible. The other important milestone is that GSVideo works on Windows, Linux and OSX (with some caveats).
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GSVideo hacking at Art and Code conference   4 comments

Between March 4th and 8th I was in Pittsburgh, where I met with Ben Fry, Casey Reas, Ira Greenberg and Daniel Shiffman to work in the integration of GStreamer with Processing (among other things), as part of the Oxford Project. Incidentally, the Art and Code conference organized by Golan Levin at CMU was taking place during that time, so it was also a great opportunity to know the creators and developers of amazing tools such as vvvv, openFrameworks, Scratch, Pure Data, Max/MSP, Hackety Hack (by the famous Why The Lucky Stiff) and Ruby-Processing.
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Real-time layer editing in Andiamo   Leave a comment

Version 013 of Andiamo implements a stack of layers that can be edited in real-time. This system is based on the analogy of a drawing made of many semi-transparent sheets of paper. The sheets are stacked on top of one another to generate the final image. Layering is a very important technique that allows to create complex results from a relatively simple palette of effects. Read the rest of this entry »

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ANDIAMO: real-time video tool   14 comments

I couple of weeks ago I started coding up in Processing a tool for live visual performance using real-time video effects, drawing, animation and computer vision techniques. The name of this tool is ANDIAMO, which is an Spanish acronym for ANimador DIgital Analógico MOdular (Digital-Analog Modular Animator).
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