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New GSVideo with better OSX support   23 comments

With release 0.4.6 of GSVideo (download here) users on Mac and Windows don’t need to do any extra install, since the gstreamer binaries are included inside the library package itself (Mac version uses the gstreamer binaries that are bundled with the current nightly build of songbird 1.1) . Version 0.4.5 on Windows already had this advantage, but it also presented a number of bugs that probably made it somewhat useless (most notably, gsvideo wouldn’t not be work when installed in a path containing spaces), and the included version of gstreamer had some library dependency issues. GSVideo 0.4.6 solved these two problems.
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Posted January 29, 2009 by ac in Programming

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Moon Theater at Sundance 2009   Leave a comment

I collaborated with artists Michael Kontopoulos and Nova Jiang to create the interactive piece Moon Theater. It is a public artwork that allows people to playfully participate and collaborate with each other by creating narratives through a digital shadow theater. My role in this group project was the programming of the software that detects the hands of the public and use them to control the puppets, beatifully designed by Nova.
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New version of GSVideo: 0.4.5   1 comment

This new version of GSVideo introduces a couple of interesting new features. First of all, it implements the capture device listing API, i.e.: the GSCapture.list() method that returns a String array with the names of the available capture devices. GSCapture.list() can be also called passing a String parameter with the name of the source element to use, for example: GSCapture.list(“ksvideosrc”).
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New release of GSVideo: 20080911   68 comments

Yesterday I finished a new, “preview”, release of GSVideo (this is the reason for the numbering scheme being just the release date). One of the main novelties here is the availability of a simplified and up-to-date GStreamer installer for Windows, which hopefully will make easier the process of using GSVideo on the Windows platform. The download link is below:

GSVideo 20080911

which includes the GSVideo binaries, source and also the GStreamer installers.
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GSVideo website and new release   17 comments

I uploaded a first version of the website for the GSVideo project:

I tried to put together all the comments and suggestions that people posted on the blog up to this point.

I also released a new version of the library, 0.4. It includes a new object called GSCustom that allows to build arbitrary GStreamer pipelines inside Processing.

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GSVideo: setting parameters of the capture object   6 comments

I finished a new version of gsvideo (0.3.12), which adds the possibility of setting parameters for the input plugin in the GSCapture object. An useful application of this feature is to chose the input device in Linux as follows:

capture = new GSCapture(this, 320, 240, new String[] {"device"}, new String[] {"/dev/video0"});

Download from here.

Update (August 19th, 2012): In the latest release of GSVideo (1.0.0) you can just specify the name of the capture device as string argument without the need of using arrays or the additional “device” argument:

capture = new GSCapture(this, 320, 240, "/dev/video0");

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Realmatik: effect fade in and out   Leave a comment

Realmatik is a little application written in Processing to demo real-time GPU video effects on video. Two iterations after the first version, and now it has the possibility of fading-in and out the effects by using bezier curves.
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