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Triple boot Mac   3 comments

Since my work these days involves cross platform coding on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows, and having a MacBook Pro as the main development machine, I thought it could be convenient to have the three operating systems installed on a triple boot configuration. Running Linux and Windows inside OSX with a Virtual Machine could be an alternative solution, but doing opengl development and testing in the VM might be tricky (although Parallels VM seems ok, for games at least). I eventually decided to take the route of three separate installs (Ubuntu Linux 10.04, OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.4 and Windows 7 Ultimate) on the same machine. After gathering some information online and working through the required installation steps of each system, I eventually got everything working quite well.
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Posted October 3, 2010 by ac in Software

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GSVideo 0.7   49 comments

After more than one year in the works, the version 0.6 of GSVideo finally comes out as… 0.7! (I felt that naming the final package as 0.6 after a string of things such as 0.6-pre0, pre1, pre2, pre3, pre4 and pre5 lacked a certain sense of novelty :-) ). In any case, this release has been possible by the contributions of many users and developers, who suggested numerous improvements and pointed out bugs and errors. The package is now split according to the OS platform, click on the following links to grab the version for Linux, Mac (Snow Leopard only , sorry Leopard version still not ready) and Windows.
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Posted August 22, 2010 by ac in Programming

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New version of GSVideo: loop bug fixed   3 comments

This new release of gsvideo (0.3.10) solves an issue that affected Linux users: the GSMovie object wouldn’t loop. It’s fixed now (tested on ubuntu 7.10). It also includes the latest version of gstreamer-java (0.7). Grab the library and source packages from the links below:



Posted April 17, 2008 by ac in Programming

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Cross-platform video library for Processing   39 comments

I recently discovered these Java bindings for GStreamer by Wayne Meissner, and started writing an alternative video library for Processing based on them. My idea is to create an alternative for the built-in Quicktime video library, which is difficult to use on Windows because its dependency on WinVDIG, and doesn’t work on Linux at all.

So I came up with this new gsvideo library, in which I will eventually re-implement all the three classes of the built-in video library: Capture, Movie and MovieMaker. The idea is that the new classes, called GSCapture, GSMovie and GSMovieMaker, will have exactly the same API as the original ones.
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Posted December 12, 2007 by ac in Programming

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Carnivore on Mandriva 2008   Leave a comment

I run into problems when trying to use the Carnivore library under Linux in a little network sonification project with Processing. The problem turned to be the jpcap library that comes built into the CarnivorePE server and the client library for Processing. The dynamic library was incompatible with the Linux Mandriva 2008 I have installed on my machine.

So the solution was to grab the latest source code package of jpcap (0.01.16 at this time), and recompile it on my PC. After replacing by the new one (available here), carnivorePE and the Processing client library started to work fine. However, I had to make two small fixes in the original code of jpcap, see here.

Posted November 15, 2007 by ac in Software

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Arduino on Mandriva 2008   2 comments

I was able to run Arduino 010 on Mandriva Linux 2008. Basically, I had to install these the avr rpms from Fedora 8:

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Posted November 15, 2007 by ac in Electronics

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