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OpenCV 2 in Processing   41 comments

Xavier Hinault recently released a new computer vision library for Processing, based on JavaCV and OpenCV 2: JavacvPro. This is a great contribution to the community, since it appears that the development of the original OpenCV library for Processing has stalled, without moving beyond OpenCV 1.0 support. JavacvPro is based on the very solid JavaCV wrappers by  Samuel Audet, which provide access to the latest version of OpenCV (2.3.1 at the time of writing this), and in fact also allows to use other computer vision frameworks like OpenKinect, and ARToolKit. I did some testing of JavacvPro (version 0.3) on Windows, Mac and Linux, and the results are very promising as I was able to use the library on the three platforms. Xavier has also included many examples in the library package that show how to use it various features.

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Posted November 21, 2011 by ac in Programming

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JNA on Android   3 comments

Samuel Audet, the author of JavaCV and other cool projects you can check out here, has been working on a port of JNA for Android. I haven’t tested it myself yet, but according to the wiki it has reached a functional state. This port would be very useful to simplify the access to native C libraries on the Android platform when coding with the Java SDK.
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Posted December 7, 2010 by ac in Programming

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Real cat/pixel dog   3 comments

Hansi Raber made this little motion tracking application in Processing, using GLGraphics and openCV, that allows his cat Elsa to play with Miku, a virtual dog.  From the video description:

“Miku is a software-dog that runs on a lcd screen that sits flat on the floor, a camera is hanging above it from the ceiling and detects the shapes that are put on top of it, in this case – my cat.”

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Posted September 6, 2009 by ac in Art projects

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