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New GLGraphics release: 0.8.9   6 comments

This release of GLGraphics introduces a new and improved way of handling the parameters of the texture filters. Before 0.8.9, the parameters had to be passed to the filter with a GLTextureFilterParameters object. This object allowed only a predetermined number of parameters to be set in the shader. Furthermore, the name of these parameters was hard-coded, for example a float parameter in the shader had to be called par_flt1, for instance, in order to be recognized by the filter.
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Posted November 28, 2008 by ac in Programming

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GSVideo: setting parameters of the capture object   6 comments

I finished a new version of gsvideo (0.3.12), which adds the possibility of setting parameters for the input plugin in the GSCapture object. An useful application of this feature is to chose the input device in Linux as follows:

capture = new GSCapture(this, 320, 240, new String[] {"device"}, new String[] {"/dev/video0"});

Download from here.

Update (August 19th, 2012): In the latest release of GSVideo (1.0.0) you can just specify the name of the capture device as string argument without the need of using arrays or the additional “device” argument:

capture = new GSCapture(this, 320, 240, "/dev/video0");

Posted May 7, 2008 by ac in Programming

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