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New DMX library   Leave a comment

Henri from Mots Cousus released a new library for handling DMX messages in Processing, dmxP512. It is partially based on the proDMX library I wrote a while ago, but supports more DMX hardware (enttec DMX USB PRO and lanbox LCE in its first release) and also adds things like buffering to prevent network/serial congestion. So basically dmxP512 replaces proDMX, which I don’t expect to develop any further.


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New websites for libraries   Leave a comment

Thanks to the very useful processing library templates created by Andreas Schlegel, I updated the websites of all the libraries I have implemented to date: GLGraphics, GSVideo, proTablet, proGPUKLT and proDMX.
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DMX object for Processing   Leave a comment

I recently finished a project that involved controlling many LEDs from Processing through the DMX USB Pro adapter:

popMotion project

I wrote a little object that encapsulates the handling of the DMX messages, click on the link below to view/download it:

DMX object

It is based on an example posted in the Processing forum. I simplified the code a little bit. It doesn’t create that many intermediate arrays, so it should be somewhat faster.

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