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New websites for libraries   Leave a comment

Thanks to the very useful processing library templates created by Andreas Schlegel, I updated the websites of all the libraries I have implemented to date: GLGraphics, GSVideo, proTablet, proGPUKLT and proDMX.
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Posted June 2, 2010 by ac in Programming

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Real-time layer editing in Andiamo   Leave a comment

Version 013 of Andiamo implements a stack of layers that can be edited in real-time. This system is based on the analogy of a drawing made of many semi-transparent sheets of paper. The sheets are stacked on top of one another to generate the final image. Layering is a very important technique that allows to create complex results from a relatively simple palette of effects. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted February 16, 2009 by ac in Programming

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ANDIAMO: real-time video tool   14 comments

I couple of weeks ago I started coding up in Processing a tool for live visual performance using real-time video effects, drawing, animation and computer vision techniques. The name of this tool is ANDIAMO, which is an Spanish acronym for ANimador DIgital Analógico MOdular (Digital-Analog Modular Animator).
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Processing library for feature detection and tracking   33 comments

The KLT (Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi) is an algorithm for computer vision that tracks points in a sequence of images (a video for example). Points are selected by being at the corner pixels of the image (pixels where edges intersect). Depending on how an image in the sequence distorts into the next, the algorithm computes an optical flow that allows to track the detected points in time, until the disappear from the image and are replaced by new ones.
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