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New websites for libraries   Leave a comment

Thanks to the very useful processing library templates created by Andreas Schlegel, I updated the websites of all the libraries I have implemented to date: GLGraphics, GSVideo, proTablet, proGPUKLT and proDMX.
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Posted June 2, 2010 by ac in Programming

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Easier azimuth and altitude access in proTablet   Leave a comment

ProTablet is a Processing library, based on JPen, that I wrote a while a to simplify the access to the graphics tablet. Earlier versions of proTablet allowed to grab the pen’s X azimuth and altitude values with the getAzimuthXAndAltitude() method. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted February 20, 2009 by ac in Programming

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Real-time layer editing in Andiamo   Leave a comment

Version 013 of Andiamo implements a stack of layers that can be edited in real-time. This system is based on the analogy of a drawing made of many semi-transparent sheets of paper. The sheets are stacked on top of one another to generate the final image. Layering is a very important technique that allows to create complex results from a relatively simple palette of effects. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted February 16, 2009 by ac in Programming

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ANDIAMO: real-time video tool   14 comments

I couple of weeks ago I started coding up in Processing a tool for live visual performance using real-time video effects, drawing, animation and computer vision techniques. The name of this tool is ANDIAMO, which is an Spanish acronym for ANimador DIgital Analógico MOdular (Digital-Analog Modular Animator).
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proTablet: tablet library for Processing based on JPen   13 comments

I wrote a little Processing library that encapsulates the JPen package to access graphic tablets in Java. JPen can be used directly in Processing, but proTablet makes the syntax a little bit easier. Download it from here.

Update: Now protTablet has a simple website from where you can access the downloads, examples, reference, and some other useful links.

Posted January 8, 2009 by ac in Programming

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