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Processing 2.0 is out! Processing 2.0 is in!   16 comments

Yesterday was a very important day for the Processing project, as a new stable version, “the 2.0”, has been released. This release is the result of the hard work of a small team of volunteers over the course of the past two years, plus the fundamental support and contributions from the entire Processing community. For me, this release is particularly significant since it includes a major rewrite of the OpenGL and video libraries, which represents my main contribution to the project since I become involved in it almost 5 years ago. After a long period of development, it is very satisfactory to reach a point where the code is good enough to abandon the nebulous territory the of alphas and betas. Of course, a stable release like this is also a compromise between imagination and time. Despite of the standing issues that result from that compromise, Processing 2.0 retains all the functionality that turned it into a widely used tool in computational arts, as well as adding new features and improvements that extends its capabilities and also serve as the starting point for future developments. In what follows, I’d like to describe in more detail some of the technical challenges we faced while working on the new OpenGL library, and the solutions attempted in order to deal with those challenges.
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