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Shader API in Processing 2: an updated reference!   11 comments

Processing 2.0 was released almost a year ago, and introduced many exciting improvements in several areas. Among those, a new OpenGL renderer with GLSL shader support. Since that time, the shader API – defined not only by the new functions in the Processing language to load and run shaders in a sketch, but also by the set of uniform and attribute variables inside a shader that Processing automatically initializes with the geometry coming from the sketch – has gone some minor changes and tweaks. The reference section in the Processing website, the PShader tutorial, and the built-in examples are all up-to-date, but the last full listing of all the uniform and attribute variables was mentioned in an older post in this blog, and has gone a bit out of date since then. With the recent release of Processing 2.1.2, I could say (with very high certainty) that the shader API in Processing 2 reached a “stable status” and won’t go through any further changes.
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