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New websites for libraries   Leave a comment

Thanks to the very useful processing library templates created by Andreas Schlegel, I updated the websites of all the libraries I have implemented to date: GLGraphics, GSVideo, proTablet, proGPUKLT and proDMX.
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Posted June 2, 2010 by ac in Programming

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New version of glgraphics and website   Leave a comment

I just released a new version of the GLGraphics library for Processing (0.8), which is available for download at the sourceforge page.

This version finally includes all the features originally planned for the library (off-screen rendering, floating-point textures, gpgpu calculations such as particle systems). From now on until the 1.0 release, the idea is to do only bugfixes and minor improvements.

There is also a website for the library.

Posted July 11, 2008 by ac in Programming

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GSVideo website and new release   17 comments

I uploaded a first version of the website for the GSVideo project:

I tried to put together all the comments and suggestions that people posted on the blog up to this point.

I also released a new version of the library, 0.4. It includes a new object called GSCustom that allows to build arbitrary GStreamer pipelines inside Processing.

Posted June 13, 2008 by ac in Programming

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